Grinding Ball Suppliers and Market in UAE

Grinding Ball Suppliers and Market Overview

UAE’s economic growth has been phenomenal to stay the least in the last few decades. In addition to being the largest oil and gas producer and exporter in the Gulf region, the country’s industrial development also has been quite impressive. Many manufacturing industries such as construction materials, food, textile, automobile, mining, and other allied trading industries have started to grow and make significant contributions to the country’s GDP. Mining industry and construction material manufacturing specifically are seeing good traction nowadays leading to the demand in many large scale industrial equipment. So, Grinding ball suppliers in the UAE have seen steady growth in demand and supply channels from these industries. 


Hammer Union: Bodyguard to stop all oil leakages

Working on an oil rig or an offshore platform is an extremely dangerous prospect. For the last few years, the industry has been under scrutiny for harsher working conditions, environmental effects, and most famously the oil leaks. Oil leaks are harmful to the company as well as the environment. Setting up an oil drilling rig or offshore platform is a challenging and cost-intensive operation and oil leakages impact the bottom line heavily. Hammer unions or pipe connections are the only way to stop this from happening. Most oil leakages are reported from faulty pipe connections and standardized hammer unions are the answer to this problem. 


Inconel Suppliers in UAE: Important allies for oil and gas industry

The oil and gas industry is the leading manufacturing and trading industry in the UAE and many other parts of GCC as well. More than 65% of the world’s oil and gas stock is present in the Middle East currently. Continuous oil and gas extraction activities and offshore platform construction are happening in different parts of the UAE today. With the oil prices taking a dip recently, this industry has a hard task ahead of it in the future. In such a scenario, the metallurgy industry has been a very helpful ally to help the industry forge ahead. Inconel specifically is one of the most useful and innovative inventions of this field which is used extensively in the oil and gas industry. Inconel suppliers in UAE work closely with the leaders of oil and gas to make many projects possible. 


What is Super Duplex Steel (S32750) and why is it becoming popular in the Middle East?

Steel continues to be one of the preferred metals for manufacturing activities across sectors around the globe. However, there are times that the material succumbs to the corrosive and harsh conditions in some of these industries. One of the strongest steel alloys in the market, S32750 or the super duplex steel has been used in industries where equipment is exposed to strong chemicals and other corrosive elements. 

Super duplex steel S32750 is a steel alloy with a higher concentration of nickel and molybdenum. These additive elements give the alloy greater resistance to corrosion in all forms. This makes them ideal to use in highly complicated industries such as desalination plants, chemical production, oil and gas industry, and power generation plants. 


Chromemoly to keep the black gold shining

We all know what the black gold is and it is a gold that has kept the world on its toes for a long time now. The oil and gas industry has been one of the most successful and profitable industries across the world for the last five to six decades. It is also one of the most challenging industries to work in. Not just in operations but in terms of the materials and equipment required as well. Chromemoly or SA 387 GR 11 as it is known in the petrochemical circles is a type of steel alloy that is used to make the pipes and other equipment for oil and gas activities in the Middle East.