What is Super Duplex Steel (S32750) and why is it becoming popular in the Middle East?

Steel continues to be one of the preferred metals for manufacturing activities across sectors around the globe. However, there are times that the material succumbs to the corrosive and harsh conditions in some of these industries. One of the strongest steel alloys in the market, S32750 or the super duplex steel has been used in industries where equipment is exposed to strong chemicals and other corrosive elements. 

Super duplex steel S32750 is a steel alloy with a higher concentration of nickel and molybdenum. These additive elements give the alloy greater resistance to corrosion in all forms. This makes them ideal to use in highly complicated industries such as desalination plants, chemical production, oil and gas industry, and power generation plants. 


Chromemoly to keep the black gold shining

We all know what the black gold is and it is a gold that has kept the world on its toes for a long time now. The oil and gas industry has been one of the most successful and profitable industries across the world for the last five to six decades. It is also one of the most challenging industries to work in. Not just in operations but in terms of the materials and equipment required as well. Chromemoly or SA 387 GR 11 as it is known in the petrochemical circles is a type of steel alloy that is used to make the pipes and other equipment for oil and gas activities in the Middle East. 


What should you ask your Flange supplier?

Flanges supplier in UAE

Flanges are an integral part of the piping and flow distribution systems. They are widely used in different industrial applications based on the material and design of the flanges. Flanges help regulate, facilitate, and stop the flow of any liquid such as chemical, petroleum, water, and air as per the design intent. If you run a factory or use/design any mechanical flow system, have a detailed discussion with your flange supplier before you select your flanges. The Middle East and the UAE have a very wide market for flanges and other heavy-duty piping materials. You will find some of the best products and sellers for these materials in this market. 


IOT and Smart Sensing in Oil and Gas – Vibration Sensors in Qatar

Vibration sensor in qatar

The petroleum industry is at a crossroads today. The depleting oil reserves and growing environmental concerns on oil and gas extraction activities are impacting the industry a lot. The industry is now at a point where it has to find innovative solutions to the problems and improve its operation and function methodologies to combat the economic impact. The Middle East has adopted many new technologies and practices in this regard. Vibration sensors in Qatar have helped many companies reduce their operating costs and work a little smarter than before.