SA 387 GRADE 11 – A Hard Material For The Harsh Conditions

Lot of the industries utilize equipment which are required to be under high-pressure and harsh temperature conditions. This means that the equipment has to undergo a lot of stress and buckling, which can be harmful to the machinery and even cause the breakdown of the entire plant. Hence it is very crucial to select carefully the material used for various pieces of equipment.

SA 387 GR 11 alloy plate is one such component which is often used in elevated temperature and pressure conditions. This alloy is a mixture of chromium, molybdenum and other important materials that impart it the strength to withstand the extreme conditions. While the Molybdenum present in the alloy imparts excellent temperature resistance, the Chromium makes it capable of resisting any type of oxidation or corrosion. This combination is one of the main reasons for high demand of this material being used for sour gas applications.


S32750 Steel: For A Super Durable Plant

Setting up an oil & gas power plant is a difficult task. It means employing a large number of complex machines and equipment. This ranges from cranes and pipes to drills, tankers, and processing centers. Every piece of equipment, whether used in an onshore or offshore oil rig has to work continuously and often in extreme conditions. Thus it is essential that every piece of equipment be made up of high-grade material.


Casing Tubing Dubai: Why Your Oil Well Needs Proper?

An oil and gas rig, whether onshore or offshore involves a large network of interconnected pipes and tubes. These pipes and tubes are present both underwater and on the ground. Hence, they have to withstand various environmental conditions.

Casing tubing involves the outer tubes which surround the inner main tubes. These tubes generally line the wellbore and are important for preventing the soil and groundwater from getting contaminated by the drilling mud and extracted fluids. Besides, this outer structure forms the core of a support system which is important to keep the wellbore steady even under high loads.


Cuni Fittings For Effective Pipe Support

As the name suggests, cuni fittings or Copper-Nickel fittings are made using an alloy of Copper and Nickel. These fittings are known for their use in underwater and marine applications. This is because they have strong general resistance to corrosion that usually occurs due to seawater. Due to the high concentration of Copper and Nickel, cuni fittings are extensively used in the power plants and the shipbuilding industry for connecting pipes.


Why Grinding Balls Are So Important?

Grinding balls are pieces of equipment used in mining and industries for breaking down secondary raw materials such as rocks, cement, and stone. This in turn, facilitates the extraction of ores and minerals from these secondary raw materials. Due to this function, grinding balls have become very much essential in the whole extraction process, as without these the rocks and other secondary materials cannot be broken down.